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World’s First ISO 12944 C5H Zinc Primer with IM3 VH
Zincodic CSN

Zincodic CSN

Zincodic CSN

– Is compatible with all coatings.
– Removes chlorides, sulphates, nitrates and other soluble salt contaminants in a simple dilution with potable water.
– Is biodegradable, non-flammable and contains no volatile organic compounds.

– Will not interfere with the adhesion of protective coatings.
– Low cost per m2, and offers significant savings by extending the service life of protective coatings.
– Leaves no film or residue after use.


Bridge Structures, Mining Facilities, Public Utilities, Agricultural Equipment, Truck Fleets, Process Equipment, Power Generation Plants

Pipelines, Piping, Rail Cars, Ships, Storage Tanks, Waste Water Plants, Offshore Drilling Rigs, Coal Prep Plants, Pulp and Paper Mills

Natural Gas Facilities, Petrochemical Installations, Cooling Towers